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LCCI is one of 52 independent Accredited Chambers of Commerce in the UK. With a turnover in excess of £6M, which is reinvested each year in connecting businesses, influencing National and Local Government on their behalf and providing services, we are the largest business support organisation in the Capital.

Our team of 90 employees is based in a modern multi-tenanted building in the City.

People are at the heart of our business and our success depends upon their performance. We harness our employee's knowledge and talent and, as part of our culture, provide opportunities for them to further develop their skills and experience.

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"As Sponsorship and Promotions Manager at LCCI, I am very lucky to have a job where every day is different, with over 2500 companies in our membership I may be dealing with a senior business leader one day and Facebook the next. We hold over 200 events a year so I get many opportunities to attend amazing London locations and meet leading business and political figures, this year alone my job has taken me to the House of Commons, Ascot and the Hard Rock Cafe! I am very proud to work for such an iconic business organisation"

- Angela Reed, Sponsorship and Promotions Manager

"My time at LCCI has been hugely enjoyable and educational. I have been given the opportunity to understand how this business works. Every day is a challenging one in a positive sense and LCCI has been very supportive with my studies and I am very appreciative of that.
Ultimately it is the staff that make a company enjoyable to work for and my colleagues have really made my time here fun."

- Parvez Zaman, Accounts Assistant (Export and Payroll)