We offer a number of services specifically tailored to help businesses in the London corporate hospitality/leisure and travel and tourism sectors to raise their profile to their target audience.

The LCCI PA Club enables you to promote your venue, restaurant or service to London PAs who are members of our Club. You can do this by being featured in our monthly LCCI PA Club enewsletter, which is mailed to over 2,500 London PAs directly and via our relationship with a third party is accessible by a further 125,000 PAs; or by hosting an LCCI-organised PA visit to your venue/restaurant or by exhibiting at our bi-annual exhibition style Showcase events. 

View our venue finding service, which we promote to our PA Club network.

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For more information, contact Abigail Henry, Events Executive 

Phone: +44 (0)20 7203 1700


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The LCCI PA Club membership is free. Sign up here to receive our monthly LCCI PA Club enewsletter.

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