VAT Rules when Exporting and Importing in a Post Brexit World

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Training Course Dates: Dates: 25/11/2021

Ensure your business knows what its UK VAT obligations are when selling goods to overseas customers. Dealing with the practical application of the VAT rules to your contracts and VAT accounting processes, this full morning training session, 09.30-12.30, is delivered by Centurion VAT Specialist’s corporate sector VAT experts, Andrea Brindley and Liz Maher. The session will help to clarify what your VAT obligations are to ensure you can reduce any exposure to VAT errors arising. It would be relevant to operational and logistical teams not just those in a financial role. Whilst the session will concentrate on VAT issues affecting the movements of goods, as these have been the subject of most change, there will be a brief overview of the VAT implications for International Services.

Workshop Programme in detail

Content may be subject to change should VAT areas be updated but will include areas such as:

  • What are your VAT obligations as a UK Exporter
  • Agreeing contract terms for sales – how do the terms of trade (INCOTERMS) affect your VAT responsibilities
  • Evidence of Export requirements
  • Selling goods to Businesses
  • Selling Goods to Consumers –overview of distance selling e-commerce
  • Triggering a Place of VAT Registration in the EU
  • Recovery routes if your business incurs VAT in EU countries
  • What if you trade with Northern Ireland?
  • Understanding trade under the Northern Ireland Protocol
  • VAT processes as an Importer into the UK
  • VAT & Duty Deferment Accounts
  • Postponed VAT accounting process
  • Selling Services – Place of Supply Rules for VAT
  • Q & A Session
  • Trade Toolkik

This course is run by East Midlands Chamber in conjunction with LCCI.

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