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Export Documentation

An introduction course providing candidates with fundamental skills and knowledge to prepare and process the documents required for exporting goods overseas. It is fully supported with user friendly and up-to-date notes (including copies of completed documents) to ensure the skills learned can be used effectively back in the workplace.

During the introduction course candidates will study the principles and current industry practices required to ensure that they can process documents thus ensuring they operate both legally and cost effectively. They will understand the documents required for international shipments and transportation and where to go for further help and advice.

  • “The Foundations” including a look at information sources, legal requirements, record keeping and software systems
  • The significance of documentary content - with specific reference to Incoterms® 2020, how to prove origin and the commodity code
  • Exporters commercial documents - quotations, invoices and packing lists
  • The "origin documents" - including Country of Origin, EUR1s and ATRs
  • Further official export documents – export licences, pre-shipment inspection, and C88 SAD
  • Dealing with the freight forwarder - including ECSIs, SSNs
  • The proof of export documents - including Bills of lading, AWBs and CMR notes
  •  Payment mechanisms and a review of the documents needed to ensure payment
  • Sources of help and advice
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DateWednesday 17 July 2024
Time9.30am - 12.30pm

LCCI member £300.00
Community Network £350.00

Non-members will be able to book training courses by registering to our free of charge Community Network.  

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