Call for Evidence Launched as part of inquiry into fostering London’s Position as a Global City

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for London as a Global City is calling for evidence on fostering London’s position as a leading global city.  

The All-Party Parliamentary Group was recently established to bring together parliamentarians and London stakeholders to promote London’s role in the global economy and the benefits this brings to the wider UK. 

Call for Evidence 
The APPG for London as a Global City is calling for written evidence (questionnaire below) to be submitted to inform its inquiry into fostering London’s status as a Global City. This forms a critical part of the inquiry. All evidence received before 15 November 2021 will be reviewed to feed into a final report. Please send your contributions to 
Please see below for an overview and further details about the inquiry. 

Inquiry Overview  
London is of significant socio-economic importance to the UK. The capital city raised the most public sector revenue in the UK at £167.3 billion for the year ending 2020. Its net contribution to public finances powers public spending, investment and service provision across the UK. As the melting pot of diverse cultures, it adds to the social fabric of the UK and facilitates jobs and growth opportunities across the country. 

Yet London is not only the UK’s capital city, it is also a global city competing with world-leading cities like Paris and New York. Arguably, it is this global city status that largely underpins and fosters the benefits that the UK derives from London as a capital city. 

As a leading financial centre, the City of London attracts investment that goes into the public purse, while its cultural offering plays a key role in the UK’s attractiveness to international tourism. Boasting 4 of the world’s top 40 universities, London is also a centre of excellence in higher education and research and development. 

The city now faces a critical time as its economy continues to feel the impacts of the pandemic, as it looks toward its evolving role within Global Britain, and as it navigates the levelling up debate. 

This inquiry seeks views on how London might foster its leading position as a global city for the benefit of the whole UK, the factors affecting its global city status and the decisions and actions that need to take place to achieve this aim. 

Evidence Session
As part of this enquiry, the APPG for London as a Global City will also hold an evidence session where stakeholders will be able to join the conversation on the subject of the enquiry. Key points from the evidence session will go into the final report of the enquiry. Please indicate your interest in attending the evidence session by emailing 

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