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Net Zero - Grants and Funding

The UK economy is legally bound to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2035 from today’s levels. The Mayor of London has also set ambitious aims for London to be a zero-carbon city by 2030.

This means businesses and industry will have to reduce their carbon emissions accordingly. See what support is available below: 

From May 2021 many low emissions vehicles qualify for a grant up to a maximum £2,500 for cars (in England and Wales, other schemes apply elsewhere in the UK).

Funding to help your business become greener - Almost £5 billion of funding available

Workplace Charging Scheme Application form - A voucher-based scheme to  support with the purchase and installation of of electric vehicle charge points.

Low Carbon Heating Innovation Grant Scheme - Aims to develop technologies that reduce the carbon emissions associated with providing heat and hot water to UK buildings.

Net Zero Innovation Portfolio - Provides funding for low-carbon technologies and systems. 

Funding – Central Government

The Government has announced £166 million funding for developments in green technologies, including carbon capture, greenhouse gas removal and hydrogen.

A £50 million upgrade on research and infrastructure projects including carbon capture technologies was announced.

New funding  of  £1.2  million  has  been announced to  boost  the  UK’s  efforts  towards  responding  to infrastructure  challenges  using  digital  platforms.  The  funding, will enable analysis and respond to challenges through building new roads, new housing and other infrastructure improvement

The Government is providing funding of £22.5 million for 5 state-of-the-art research centres, which will explore the development of reuse and recycling techniques through the reuse of waste materials in the textiles, construction, chemicals, transport, electronics and metal industries to protect the environment and boost the economy.

The first round of a £3 million fund competition, the Zero Emission Flight Infrastructure(ZEFI) programme has been launched. As part of efforts to develop infrastructure for zero emission flights, businesses and universities around the UK can access up to £50,000 for pioneering research that enables the largescale uptake of electric and hydrogen aircrafts.

The government  has  also announced a  new  £30  million  competition  to  boost  innovation  in  developing new technology for 5G networks. Part of the government’s 5G Diversification Strategy, the Future RAN Competition (FRANC)will fund  Research  and  Development  projects  across  the  UK  to  accelerate  the adoption of new wireless communication technology.

£12 billion was announced to support the Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, including funding for EV charging infrastructure and consumer incentives, the carbon efficiency of homes and buildings, a Carbon Capture and Storage Infrastructure Fund, and additional investment in low hydrogen carbon production, offshore wind, and nuclear power.

Funding – Local Government

The Greater London Authority periodically has funding for projects which can be applied to.

Community grants and funding distributes grants to support communities and civil society organisations. Applications for the Grow Back Greener Fund 2021 are currently open. The page is updated regularly and can be checked for updates.

Green and Resilient Spaces Fund - Funding for large-scale, innovative enhancements to green and blue spaces and the wider public realm. Applications are now open for expressions of interest.

Challenge London – An initiative to work with bright and creative innovators to solve the challenges facing London and Londoners.

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