LCCI comment on flexible rail ticket launch

Thursday 20 May 2021

Commenting on the launch of flexible rail ticketing as part of the government's Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail, LCCI CEO Richard Burge said:

“It is good to see the government and rail firms recognising the need for flexible ticketing.  This is key to supporting the nature of the emerging hybrid economy, providing value for money to commuters, and incentivising movement of workers into city centres such as central London.

“It’s important that flexible ticketing is indeed flexible enough for the post-pandemic world of work.  As ways or working become established, the government must review the effectiveness of what is being offered.

“Should flexible tickets prove to be too prescriptive, then those with the flexibility to decide how many days they commute each week may choose to work remotely more days than they would have, due to it not being cost effective enough to travel.  For example, if three days equals the same cost as five, then some people may choose to travel for two only.  This would have implications for city centres.”