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LCCI give initial Budget response

Wednesday 3 March 2021

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry provide initial response, welcoming the business support measures announced by the Chancellor today in the Budget.

Chief Executive, Richard Burge, said:

“In London, full economic recovery will not just happen when shutters can be lifted.  Lockdown easing will be staggered and the conditions after full unlocking have to be right for the safe return of domestic and international visitors, as well as business travel and trade.  That’s why today’s extension of support beyond the lockdown lifting dates makes sense and will be welcomed by business. 

"But the road to recovery may well end up with more speed restrictions than hoped, so it’s important the government remain open-minded to a need for support revision, if so.

“We are now working our way through the full detail of the Budget, with it in mind that London has taken the hardest economic hit from COVID-19, in real-terms has been ‘levelled-down’, yet its role in both domestic and global economies will be vital to driving the recovery of regions across the UK.”