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LCCI react to the Government's new immigration policy

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Commenting on the Government’s policy proposals for a points-based immigration system, Richard Burge, Chief Executive of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said:

“Businesses will welcome that the Government has set the minimum salary threshold for skilled migrants closer to £25,000, than the initially suggested £30,000. They will also be relieved by the lowering of the threshold for what’s considered skilled, as well as a suspension of the cap on skilled workers.

It’s good to see the Government beginning a programme of engagement, as businesses and their employees will need to know how the system will work in practice.

With the reduction in overall levels of migration, it is vital that the UK’s domestic skills system provides the training that its citizens need in order to access jobs. Employers are a key part of this. Whether it be T-levels, apprenticeships, or other schemes, businesses and business groups must be ready to work with Government and the public sector to ensure that relevant skills are acquired and applied.

Ultimately, businesses share the Government’s aim that the delivery of the immigration and skills systems give public and private sector employers access to talent at all levels.”


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