LCCI respond to lockdown easing plan

Monday 22 February 2021

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has responded to the Prime Minister unveiling the Government's plan to ease lockdown.

Chief Executive, Richard Burge, said:

“Businesses will welcome the clarity provided today by the Prime Minister and now have respective dates for which to plan.

“Whilst I’m sure some businesses will be frustrated they cannot yet open or fully function, the past has proven that caution is required, and if this approach protects the vaccination programme and brings an end to this crisis then no one should argue with the process. 

“The key now is for the Government to continue to support businesses so that they can survive and be the bedrock of our recovery.  It’s clear that footfall, commuting, business travel, domestic and international tourism will stay supressed for some months to come.  Across the country, but in London particularly, this will bring detrimental economic impact.  So we need to urgently hear what support the Government will continue to provide and over what time period.”

Richard added:

“Today’s government roadmap document is extensive and welcomed.  It’s important now that government keep us updated on how the vaccination programme is reducing the impact of the virus, the progress of the respective reviews being undertaken, and how test and trace systems are being improved for both now and the future.”


LCCI, London’s Local Chambers and Central London Alliance have outlined what support London’s businesses require.  With LCCI also presenting a roadmap for London recovery.