LCCI responds to imminent opening of the Elizabeth Line

Wednesday 4th May 2022

Richard Burge, Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), said:

"The opening of the Elizabeth line on 24 May is a long-awaited and important milestone for the connectivity and productivity of London and the South-East. The Crossrail project represents a significant investment in London’s infrastructure and its future, a cost paid for by Londoners and London businesses. It will provide a much needed economic boost that comes through greater transport connectivity – freeing up people’s time to be more productive.

"The journey of the project from inception to completion also demonstrates the importance of long-term funding and strategic decision making for infrastructure projects our Capital. We hope that more projects of this kind are initiated to ensure the future prosperity of London.  

"London is the global hub of the UK and has the unique ability to spread sustained prosperity across the country – the opening of the Elizabeth line will provide new jobs and encourage the development of new homes in the South East and we must ensure this is also the case for other corners of the UK. If we want to succeed in levelling up, we must recognise the role that London can play and explore further long-term investments to boost productivity and prosperity."