LCCI back part-week rail season tickets

Wednesday 2 September.

At today's Prime Minister's Questions, PM, Boris Johnson, confirmed that the Government were "working at pace with rail companies to try to deliver new products, in terms of ticketing, which ensure not just better value, but also enable people to get back to work in a flexible way".

Responding to this, LCCI CEO Richard Burge, said:

“With social distancing restrictions to office space and many businesses having seen the benefits of home and remote working in practice, it’s clear that not all workers will be returning to central London offices at once. 

"A hybrid of office and remote working is likely for many firms, which is why LCCI welcome the Prime Minister’s confirmation that discussions are happening at pace with rail firms about the introduction of part-week flexible season tickets.  These would support a safe and flexible return to public transport and to central office working.  And also help part-time workers and those in job shares.”