LCCI call for intelligent "back to work" discussion

Friday 28 August 2020

Commenting on the growing political, business and media narrative around the need for workers to return to offices, Richard Burge, LCCI CEO, said:

“Understandably there is a growing focus on how city centre economies can be reinvigorated with increased footfall.  But we need discussion around that subject to be intelligent.  Office working and remote working both have their respective merits and a tribalistic pitching of one against the other isn’t helpful. Particularly as the likely short-term option for many firms is a hybrid of both – especially due to social distancing requirement meaning they cannot be at full office capacity.

“Ultimately businesses will decide upon their own circumstances. We need to ensure that the right information and support is available to them about safe return, including how their staff get to the workplace.  And we need to see business to business communication about respective plans, in order to help the wider business ecosystem to reopen.

“The city centre economic challenge is clear.  As schools reopen and more opportunity for a return to central offices presents itself, let’s make sure the dialogue is as helpful as it can be.  I’d far rather hear how a company has achieved a safe return, than simplistic statements about 'get back to work'.  And I’m sure businesses agree with that.”