LCCI comment on potential further Covid19 restrictions

Monday 21 September 2020

Commenting on the possibility of increased Covid19 restrictions for London and some of the rumoured suggestion, Richard Burge, Chief Executive of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said:

“For half a year now London’s businesses have made decisions with the health of their staff and customers at the forefront.  And whether it be social distance measures in the workplace, a hybrid of office and home working, flexible commuting times, or extensive cleaning – they are managing the existence of Covid-19 whilst trying to create economic prosperity to benefit the lives of their staff.

“Chris Whitty today rightly raised this very difficult challenge of balancing the reduction of Covid-19 transmission with taking economic actions that also bring long-term health effects. 

“It’s why if there are further measures called for or introduced, whether by national or London government, businesses need and deserve these decisions to be explained and evidenced.  We must ensure that we make clear moves against the real circumstances and situations that cause infection rates to increase.

“For example, suggestion of less commuting must be supported with explanation as to why socially distanced workplaces, or the commute, are now considered an increased risk specifically.  Or why a managed hybrid of office and home working, supported by current available commuting capacity on the transport network, has to suddenly change. 

“Health must of course come first, but we need to be driven by evidence and care, not fear or untargeted measures.

“And there’s no doubting that the Test and Trace system must improve and scale up.  London business sees it as the measure most likely to promote business confidence and keep localised outbreaks contained.”