LCCI give national lockdown reaction

Saturday 31 October 2020

Reacting to the Prime Minister announcing a national lockdown, Richard Burge, Chief Executive of London Chamber of Commerce, said:

“This is a lockdown like earlier this year, regardless of how it's described, and the financial support given to businesses and workers must reflect that, as we are back firmly in business survival mode.

“Details of the support package must accompany the restrictions when put before Parliament next week.  At face value, return of 80% furlough is welcome.  Grants must also be made available.  Rates must be reimbursed.  Bank interest and charges should be suspended and they should be required to offer government-backed loans again.  It is time for them to deliver the social obligation they are trying to avoid. 

“The Government must also urgently provide clear evidence about how they are going to improve Test and Trace, so that we can break this cycle of lockdowns and restrictions.  It does not have to be world beating, just simply good enough.

"In London, this Government stand-off with the Mayor has to end.  There's no excuse for politics getting in the way of the recovery of the nation's most valuable economic asset.  This isn't about London being special, it's about it being essential." 


  • Details of the lockdown restricitons can be found here.
  • With details of the business support measures found here.