LCCI sign BCC network letter to the PM

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and chambers of commerce from across the UK that are part of the British Chambers of Commerce network have jointly sent a letter of concern about Covid-19 decision-making and business support to the Prime Minister.

The letter warns that the situation for business grows graver by the day and that chamber members from businesses of all sizes and sectors across the country have told their local chamber that the available support will not be sufficient to mitigate the impact of new restrictions.

The letter outlines five business tests that must be met to limit the impact of new restrictions on businesses and jobs, and take a long-term approach to tackling the virus. Failure to meet these tests now will put the future of the economy and the country at risk.

The five tests are:

  1. Are the restrictions evidence-based and targeted effectively?
  2. Are the restrictions clear and do businesses have time to prepare?
  3. Is support for businesses commensurate with the impact on them?
  4. Will the time that the restrictions are in place be used to significantly improve the Test, Trace and Isolate system?
  5. Is there a clear process for increasing and decreasing restrictions?

Richard Burge, Chief Executive of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: “This is a letter written based upon the collective view of businesses across this country and its capital.  The five requests of the Government are formed from the experiences of businesses on the ground during this crisis.  Its basis is therefore very powerful and I sincerely hope that the Government respond with the actions this intervention deserves – as it’s the nation’s businesses that are needed to get us through and out of this crisis and keep people in employment and the respective health benefits that brings.”

To read the letter click here.