MP grandstanding and resignations will not help the country

Thursday 15 November 2018

Commenting on the Draft EU Withdrawal Agreement, Colin Stanbridge, CEO, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry said:

“Grandstanding and resignations may satisfy political egos but do not help the country and the businesses that create the UKs wealth.

For the last two years businesses have been asking, indeed pleading, for clarity and certainty regarding the way forward following the nation’s decision to leave the EU.

The draft Article 50 Withdrawal agreement is only the starting point for trying to achieve that clarity, the real Brexit deal will be the one that follows this Withdrawal agreement when, over the next few years, the many details of our future relationship with the rest of the EU will be hammered out.

For the majority of businesses “No Deal” is an extremely undesirable outcome - walking away from the EU without deal should not be considered until we have far more knowledge of what our final relationship with EU would entail”.  


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  1. Chief Executive Colin Stanbridge is available for further comment and interview.