One week to go - new Mayor must follow-through on promises

Thursday 28 April 2016

One week to go - new Mayor must follow-through on promises

With just one week to go until the new Mayor of London is elected, the London Chamber of Commerce is calling for the winning candidate to pledge to follow through on their promises to London businesses.

Both the front runners have promised to have a business advisory board and LCCI would like to see a meeting of the new board as soon as possible. 

The capital's most representative business organisation has also published a 20-step agenda; Towards a Greater London to secure London's future as a great place to live, setup and run a business.

Already candidates have taken on board some of the recommendations including establishing a Small Developers Panel and introducing London Visas and the Chamber wants to encourage more of the same.

The LCCI agenda identifies five priorities the new Mayor must address:

  • Fix London's housing crisis
  • Close the skills gap
  • Boost the capital's digital capability
  • Keep transport moving
  • Secure more power to grow

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Colin Stanbridge said: "A lot has been made in the run up to the elections of how pro-business the candidates are and much has been done to woo the business vote.

"Now with the election day near we want to see the new mayor follow through on their promises.

"The four-year period of the new mayoralty must see important decisions taken around housing, transport and infrastructure to prepare for the London of tomorrow.

"We believe that by addressing these 20 steps the new Mayor can make a good start towards ensuring that London remains an attractive, productive and competitive global city."

The LCCI agenda recommends the new Mayor should:

  • Become 'Owner - Landlord' of housing for 'blue light' essential workers such as Police, Firefighters and Paramedics
  • Secure government support for a 'London Visa' - third party sponsorship route - for recognised sector skills shortages among specific small businesses
  • Establish a new 'Online Business Panel' focused on driving more sole traders and small businesses toward developing an online presence
  • Seek 'best use' of existing aviation infrastructure through airfield, airspace and terminals enhancements within the London airports system
  • Engage London Boroughs to explore how 'combined authorities clusters' can harness economic cooperation and growth


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  1. London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the capital's largest and most representative business organisation, with members ranging in size from multi-national companies to SMEs and sole traders.
  2. Colin Stanbridge, Chief Executive of LCCI, is available for further comment and interview.
  3. The Small Developers Panel intended to target small sites for housing is referenced in Zac Goldsmith's Housing Manifesto
  4. Lib Dem Candidate, Caroline Pidgeon has pledged to Seek government approval for a third party sponsorship route (London Visa) for established sector specific organisations to support non-EEA worker visas on behalf of recognised small businesses.
  5. The Towards a Greater London Manifesto can be found here: