PM’s migration approach is unsettling

Tuesday 2 October 2018

Responding to reports of the Prime Minister stating that low-skilled migration will fall after Brexit day, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has said that tough talking at a party conference may lead to harm to the economy.

Chief Executive of LCCI Colin Stanbridge said:

“One can appreciate that party conference season means our politicians will talk tough and act hard. However, no one can accept statements that may cause economic damage.

Make no mistake, blocking or inhibiting lower-skilled labour will have detrimental impacts across the whole UK:

  • who will build the homes we need?
  • who will build major infrastructure projects like HS2?
  • who will service hotels, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions?  

If there are not enough construction workers and tourism staff around, what will we do? 

It is bizarre that when we have employers talk of staff shortages, that they are now told the supply of labour they could access to use, will be cut-off. 

If a business has job vacancies then everything possible should be done to swiftly fill those vacancies – to get people earning, contributing taxes and delivering services.

It is clear that, for London, given its reliance on foreign labour, that Ministers do not appear to be ready to introduce the flexible migration system our capital needs post-Brexit.

The Mayor of London should now bring London’s civic and business leaders together to design practical proposals for future migration that will underpin the capital’s economy”. 


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  1. Colin Stanbridge is available for further comment and interview.