Response to the disruption at Gatwick Airport

Friday 21 December 2018

Commenting on the serious disruption at Gatwick Airport Sean McKee, Director of Policy and Public Affairs for London Chamber of Commerce and Industry said:

“Gatwick Airport rightly put safety first and obviously everyone’s thoughts are with the passengers caught-up in the disruption.

However, given there may well be detrimental impacts for the UK, both economic and reputational, arising, then there are questions to be asked of the Government.

Yesterday a Minister told the Lords that the Government had revised drone-related legislation earlier this year – but clearly this has not worked in this case.

Airports are gateways to the UK’s island economy and Ministers should be ensuring that every assistance is provided to enhance the resilience of the UK’s air gateways.  

It was alarming to watch a major strategic infrastructure asset being brought to a standstill, particularly in the run-up to Christmas.

Airports, airlines and business travellers can now reasonably expect the Government to look at what steps, legislative or otherwise, they can move on swiftly, to avoid any repetition.”  


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