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LCCI is the UK’s largest trade documents issuer, available online, by phone and in person. We provide a range of international trade documents, including ATA Carnets, Certificates of Origin and Customs Declarations. 

As a LCCI member you can receive up to 50% discounts on many trade documents.

New International Trade Training Course

Export Boot Camp Strategy Workshop

Wednesday 20 July - Thursday 21 July, 9.00am - 5.00pm

This two-day intensive program of activity will leave you with a working Strategic Plan. A plan that will be specific to your business and easy for you to build on as more information and ideas spring to mind. You'll learn how to understand the way international sales works in the 21st century and how we can ensure a sustainable working relationship with your new clients.

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Latest Trade Documentation Updates

The Crisis in Ukraine

We are regularly updating our guidance for businesses on Ukraine, including new sanctions, essential resources and informative webinars.

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International Trade Advisory Service

To help UK businesses navigate the new trading landscape, LCCI have enlisted a panel of trusted advisors to provide clarity and offer guidance on a wide range of related subjects.

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GMR registration service

We have launched our new GMR registration service for overseas and UK Traders. GMRs are customs references required for goods entering or leaving the UK by road or sea through GVMS ports.  

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Contact us for advice on Trade Documents and Customs Declarations

If you would like to speak with us about your trade documentation requirements or customs after Brexit, please complete a short online form with your details. A member of our team will then contact you.

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LCCI can help your business with importing and exporting

Customs declarations

As of 1 January 2021 any UK businesses involved with importing or exporting goods will have to declare their shipments to HMRC. This is done in the form of a customs declaration. LCCI is part of ChamberCustoms - a brokerage service designed to help businesses to comply with import and export rules and lodge their customs declarations.


Documentation for permanent exports

This is for goods that are sold / and or shipped abroad.

Certificates of Origin, Invoices and Packing Lists
EUR 1 Certificates
Other documents

Documentation for temporary exports

This is for goods that are taken abroad temporarily e.g. for trade fairs or exhibitions, which will return to the UK unprocessed and unaltered.

ATA Carnets
EC/CPD/China-Taiwan Carnets​

Embassy legalisation, FCO Apostille and Notarisation

These services are regularly required for commercial and legal documents such as agreements, contracts, Power of Attorney etc. for use overseas.

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Saudi Arabian Business Visa Services

Certification of Saudi Arabian introduction letters to support business and working visa applications.

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Special Trading Certificates

Trading Certificates, Force Majeure Certificates, International Import Certificates.

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LCCI membership provides your business with access to support services to help you grow globally and cut costs. You can benefit from discounted international trade training courses, receive up to 50% discounts on many trade documents and gain valuable advice on exporting and importing. 

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