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LCCI Community App - connecting London’s businesses, influencers and leaders

Louise Clifton, programmes manager at Heart of the City, speaks to London Business Matters on how the LCCI’s app has helped her to stay tuned into the Chamber’s community. Her role is to support SMEs to embed a responsible business approach and realise the benefits for their people, place and planet that this can bring. Before joining Heart of the City, Louise Clifton was a co-founder and director of Invisible Grail, a specialist values-based leadership development organisation for higher education.

Heart of the City supports SMEs to be a force for good. Through workshops, masterclasses and expert mentoring, they help SMEs make responsible business a meaningful part of their work. Over the last 20 years they have assisted more than 1,000 businesses in making a positive impact by better supporting their people, places and the planet, and embedding it all into a strategy that helps their businesses succeed.

What was your first impression of the LCCI Community App?

The app has been an excellent way to stay tuned into the Chamber’s community and learn first-hand what the successes and challenges are that London businesses are experiencing (something which has been changing rapidly since the app first launched.) The community has grown so much since I first joined, and it has been great to see it evolve.

What have you found you like the most about the Community App?

The expertise that’s on hand, immediately. You see threads of conversations where people have shared ideas, contributed to one another’s events and initiatives. This enrichment is unique and incredibly helpful.

Do you have a favourite feature on the Community App and why?

The thematic groups have been really helpful to read and engage with what you’re most interested in. For me, as a contributor, the Environment, Sustainability and Green Growth Committee, this channel has been really relevant to my needs and staying closely connected to news and events in this area from London businesses, influencers and leaders.

Have you been able to connect with Members and the Community Network on the app?

I’ve met new people through their posts and have come across new and interesting events that have been posted. You can get easily -and happily - stuck into threads and follow up directly with members.

Share with us how the app has benefitted you so far?

The app has been brilliant at helping Heart of the City share targeted resources and events around net zero and the wider responsible business piece both really quickly and directly to the people they are designed for.

What has made the new Community App stand out for you?

The app has really helped plug a gap because of its focus on London and the unique business ecosystem here. Content is relevant, meaningful and helpful.

Would you recommend using the app to others?

Yes! For all the reasons above.

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LCCI Members can download the app on Android and iOS by scanning the QR code:

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