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The City of London Chamber shows its unwavering support for Ukraine at the Lord Mayor’s Show

Saturday 11 November 2023

On the stage of the City of London Lord Mayor's Show on 11 November, the City of London Chamber (CoL Chamber) and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) unveiled a striking float symbolising the unity between Kyiv and London, drawing attention to their ongoing support for Ukrainian refugees and SMEs affected by the conflict.

Since the commencement of the military invasion of Ukraine and Kyiv in 2022, CoL Chamber and LCCI have played a vital role in aiding Ukrainian refugees in London, helping them secure employment and establish businesses, while also assisting small firms in Ukraine to navigate the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict.

Collaborating with Ukrainian agencies Big City Lab and Bickerstaff, and enlisting the expertise of London-based Opcyon Design Company, the float's design is a powerful statement of the established relationship between London and Kyiv. As the parade marked the first official engagement of newly elected Lord Mayor Michael Mainelli, Interim CEO Karim Fatehi MBE took the opportunity to extend warm congratulations.

“Alderman Mainelli assumes this prestigious role with a wealth of experience and a commitment to furthering the City's global standing. We applaud his dedication to public service and look forward to witnessing his impactful leadership,” said Fatehi. “Under Alderman Mainelli's guidance, we are confident that the City of London will continue to thrive as a leader and a center for global problem-solving and collaboration. The London Chamber looks forward to collaborating with the Lord Mayor in his capacity as an international spokesperson for the City.” This gesture from Karim Fatehi highlights the Chamber's commitment to working collaboratively with the new Lord Mayor, emphasising their dedication to fostering international relationships and contributing to the City's global success.

Lord Mayor's Show LCCI Float


Notes to editors 

  • The photos attached show were taken at the Lord Mayor’s Show.
  • Watch the interview by BBC and the LCCI float.

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Click here for more information on the work the chamber has done to support Ukraine.

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