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Networking Training: How to Work a Room

Do you hate the thought of networking? Does talking to new people fill you with dread? Do you want to learn how to network on your own terms? For many people, the fear of networking at events stops them attending or has them standing at the edge of the room not knowing what to do and counting the minutes until they can leave. If this is you, you are missing out on expanding your number of business contacts and raising your profile and the profile of your business.

Networking event
DateWednesday 16 October 2024
Time2.00pm - 4.30pm
LCCI Members' Lounge, 33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP

This workshop, led by networking expert Heather White, is a must attend if you are new to networking or if you are not getting the results you need from the events you are attending. Up to 35 delegates will attend this event from a variety of industry sectors.


Patron Member and Premier Plus Member £60.00

Community Network £102.00

Non-member £156.00

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What's Covered

Whilst participants’ questions will largely shape the content, we aim to cover:

  • Preparation for events
  • When you arrive - getting comfortable
  • Techniques for getting the most out of the event
  • Networking on your own terms and working to your strengths
  • Soft skills such as breaking in and out of groups, body language etc.
  • Business card etiquette
  • Influencing the conversation
  • Moving the relationship forward
LCCI Networking

About the Trainer

Heather White is a networking, personal brand & LinkedIn optimisation expert with a proven record working with senior executives, career service providers, sales operations, and HR / L&D on staff personal development. By removing fear, overcoming barriers, and introducing structure and planning, Heather makes networking practical and achievable. Heather provides the tools needed to work a room, build an online profile through LinkedIn, identify what networks to build, and build long term relationships with key people.

Networking event

Booking Information

  • If you are part of the Community Network and would like to upgrade to Premier Plus Membership to take advantage of the discounted event prices, you can sign up here.
  • Non-members can become eligible for the London Chamber Community Network rate by registering for free.


How to Work a Room will take place at LCCI Members' Lounge, 33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP

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