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Alliance of European Metropolitan Chambers of Commerce

AEMC Declaration on Brexit | European Chambers of Commerce

Collectively representing the interests of millions of business members who drive economic growth across our continent, the Alliance of European Metropolitan Chambers (AEMC) has become increasingly concerned as the process to facilitate the UK exiting the European Union has become characterised by vagueness and indecision. 

This has created a high degree of uncertainty for business, commerce and industry in our metropolitan areas with various impacts now apparent. 

AEMC is alarmed that, as the Brexit date of 29 March 2018 moves closer, the narrative of both the UK and the EU is becoming dominated with references about a ‘No Deal’ scenario. 

AEMC regrets the decision of the UK to leave the EU, however that exit must be on an orderly basis that seeks, as far as practical, to secure a new economic framework which fosters healthy competition on trade to drive future growth for all.

Europe has prospered due to the collective efforts of metropolitan businesses, large and small, working in all sectors and industries across cities, regions and states.

Brexit should not create a future governance framework that challenges the good functioning of European business and poses risk to job creation and wealth production across Europe.

AMEC is clear that a ‘No Deal’ scenario must be avoided at all costs. We also repeat our call for a realistic transitional period to create sufficient space for European business and European governments to adjust to a new situation.

  • Business has the ability to overcome borders to succeed and flourish.
  • Politics can be our enabler.

AEMC calls upon leaders in the UK and the EU to focus entirely on a timely conclusion of the Withdrawal Agreement that recognises the need to facilitate the continued, successful interdependency of European businesses.

AEMC wants an orderly Brexit to be the starting point of a new negotiated relationship within which all metropolitan areas can fully realise their important economic role.

Agreed in Brussels on 26 October 2018 by representatives of Chambers of Commerce from: London, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Dublin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Manchester, Marseille