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Business Visits

Earlier this month, LCCI’s Chief Executive Richard Burge met with LCCI Member companies Urgent Services, University of East London and London City Airport to discuss topics including skills, diversity & inclusion and entrepreneurship.

In a discussion with Urgent Services, a family-run transport and courier service headquartered in Stratford, Richard heard about the importance of businesses having a say in what skills are taught in adult education. In particular, Derwent Jaconelli stressed the need for in-house, London-focused training which can help businesses retain and promote staff throughout their career, as many of their employees started as interns at the company. Richard strongly supported Urgent Services continuing to act as a Living Wage Employer as a way to inspire staff retention and respect within Small Businesses.

Next, Richard went to The University of East London and attended UEL’s mock trading floor and courtroom, which immerses students in the environment they are training to go into. In a discussion with Greta Paa-Kerner and colleagues from the University stressed the critical nature of mentorship at the university, in particular for BAME students, to break down barriers and connect students with employers. It was agreed that universities must provide comprehensive help in students’ personal and career prospects as well as their educational prospects, and Richard heard about the programs UEL is undertaking to ensure under-employed or unemployed graduates of UEL can return to pursue post-graduate courses.

Finally, Richard met with Robert Sinclair and Liam McKay at London City Airport to discuss its recent consultation about plans for the airport to sustainably increase weekend flight numbers. Richard and LCCI strongly support this consultation, which will strengthen London’s reputation as a globally connected city for business and leisure visits. Robert and Liam remarked on their highly-skilled employees at the airport and the growing requirement for employees with green skills – those that help employees of all levels modify their work practices to incorporate sustainable practices.

Thank you to Urgent Services, UEL and City Airport for hosting us!