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Exporting: a route to high income or not worth the hassle?

There are myriad opportunities for businesses in London, large and small, to export to the rest of the world, but exporting often seems a complicated endeavour that takes time and effort to understand and maximise. Too often, inaccessible regulations, red tape and blockages scare would-be exporters into focusing exclusively on the domestic market.

LCCI is the largest supplier of trade documentation in the UK and seeks to help businesses navigate the complexity of international trade. To succeed, businesses need to know their market, take a practical approach, and make use of available expertise at every stage of the export process.

Here are our steps to success:

Understand the market
Translating domestic success into international success requires developing a knowledge of the countries and regions you want to export to – for example, certain products sell better in some places and the British brand is more attractive in some places than in others.

Take a practical approach
Plan every stage of your exporting plan. You must get the product in order before you begin to think about exporting. Make a step-by-step plan and follow guidance laid out by authorities such as the government and Chambers of Commerce.

Use opportunities such as trade shows to make your brand as visible as possible to the those across the world. You can find more information about trade shows by accessing the UK Trade Show Programme.

Use expertise
Those who deal with the detail of trade regulation are the most knowledgeable about navigating the export process. Experts can act as translators between an idea and action and can point to large amounts of prior experience in navigating export rules.

Therefore, engaging with experts at Chambers of Commerce local to your area can help you deal with day-to-day challenges of exporting.

Department for International Trade (DIT) also provides great guidance. You can find out about free and tailored business support by visiting great.gov.uk.

Attend International Trade Week
To answer all of your questions, join LCCI’s next “Exporting – Hassle or High Income” drop-in event as part of International Trade Week. These week long drop-in sessions will connect trade experts with businesses across London and beyond, guiding them through trade disputes and issues that arise across the world.

To see LCCI’s events programme during International Trade Week, click here.