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Implementation of the ATA Carnet System in Peru

Widely known as “passport for goods”, ATA Carnets are international customs documents that permit the duty and tax-free temporary importation of non-perishable goods for up to 12 months into countries subscribed to the ATA Carnet scheme.

The history of trading goes as long as the history of humanity itself, it is not surprising that the evolution of both has gone by the hand as well. Through the first half of the 1900, discussions were carried over the need to develop a document to facilitate and reduce obstacles to international trading as well as alleviate financial burdens for commercial travellers moving goods temporarily worldwide.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that the Customs Co-operation Council (now World Customs Organisation) finally developed and adopted ATA Carnets.

ATA Carnets documents

Currently, more than 70 countries have joined the Carnet Scheme, 2024 is set to be the year that its 79th member will join, opening more commercial doors worldwide and tackling more barriers to international trade.

From 30 April 2024, Peru will accept the temporary importation of goods under ATA Carnets into its territory, with the Lima Chamber of Commerce and industry acting as the national guaranteeing organisation, member of the International Chamber of Commerce WCF/ATA international guarantee chain.

Peru flag

Applying for a Carnet to travel to Peru: 

Companies and sole traders can apply for ATA Carnets through the LCCI ecarnet system.

All participating countries have specific requirements for commercial goods imported temporarily into their territories. The UK National Guaranteeing Organisation (UKNATACO) has informed the following requirements are applicable for ATA Carnets issued for Peru:

  • Type of import: Temporary
  • Type of goods: Non-perishable/consumable
  • Intended use of goods: Exhibitions, fairs, meetings, or similar events and professional equipment.
  • Transit: Accepted
  • Consignments: Multiple/split consignments accepted
  • Carriage of goods: Hand-carried and freight accepted.
  • Validity period: 12 Months
  • Language: English and Spanish. Any other language will require translation to either of the accepted languages.
  • Replacement Carnets: Accepted

The security percentage mandated by the Peruvian Guaranteeing Organisation is 45% across each goods category. Using the total value of the goods, traders can calculate their Carnet security for Peru at the LCC security calculator.

As with Carnets for any other country, it’s imperative that the goods covered by the Carnet are valuated correctly. Failing to do so will risk the Carnet being rejected by Peruvian customs at the time of import.

For goods that need to overstay their Carnet validity in Peru, replacement Carnets can be requested to the issuing Chamber prior pre-notification approval from Peruvian Customs.

More information and guidance on ATA Carnets for Peru and all the participating countries is available at the LCCI’s ATA Carnet Website.

For specific questions, please check our FAQs or contact our ATA Carnet experts by email or over the phone: +44 (0)20 7248 4444.