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LCCI at the Lord Mayor's Show

On Saturday 11 November, the streets of London were filled with music, entertainment and over 100 floats to welcome the 695th Lord Mayor of London. Thousands of supporters lined the streets to celebrate – creating an electric atmosphere for all to enjoy!

Lord Mayor Float

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented a vibrant Ukraine-themed float symbolising the unity between Kyiv and London, highlighting the ongoing support for Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainian SMEs. Volunteers from the Ukrainian business community joined the LCCI team for the three mile-long procession, wearing custom hoodies designed and manufactured in Ukraine.

The float is a testament to the Chamber's dedication to rebuilding and reinvigorating Ukrainian businesses post-conflict, promoting community engagement, and facilitating potential trade relationships and investments between Kyiv and London.

Lord Mayor Float

The float's design incorporates the bright colours of the Ukrainian flag, a mirror reflecting the City of London as a powerful statement of the established relationship between London and Kyiv, and the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian People with a golden crack.

In the Arch of Freedom in Kyiv, the crack symbolises the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, whilst the golden crack in the arch on the float represents the strong support between the people of the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

To design the float, LCCI collaborated with Big City Lab and Bickerstaff, two prominent agencies from Kyiv, and enlisted the expertise of Opcyon Design Company from London for construction.

The float not only signifies solidarity with Ukraine but also represents a continuation of LCCI's commitment to fostering international relationships. 

The parade was the first official engagement of the newly elected Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Michael Mainelli. 

Read LCCI's press release.