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LCCI Launches Successful Networking Event Series for the Ukrainian Business Community

Ukranian networking

LCCI has launched a new series of networking events aimed at London's vibrant Ukrainian business community. The inaugural event on 23 May gathered significant interest, with more than 110 attendees registering their interest.

The event featured a panel discussion with four esteemed experts in the field. Liliya Scott from LS Legal Solicitors, Bharti Moor and William Bartoli-Edwards from RWK Goodman, Igor Bartkiv from LCCI, and Violetta Loziuk from Ukrainian Business Way provided valuable insights and prompted engaging discussions on various topics.

Ukranian networking

James Watkins, Head of Policy and Public Impact at LCCI, delivered a warm welcome and emphasised the importance of supporting small and micro businesses, acknowledging their role as the backbone of modern developed economies.

The event offered a wealth of information for participants, consisting of Ukrainian nationals who had been forced to leave their homeland due to the brutal Russian invasion but continued to foster their entrepreneurial spirit. The panellists shared their expertise on topics ranging from company registration in the UK, different types of businesses, taxation for self-employed individuals, and LCCI's ongoing Ukrainian Project. LCCI Member RWK Goodman shared their expertise and knowledge in company registration, while Liliya Scott delved into the intricacies of tax consulting for self-employed businesses and different types of partnerships.

The event, skilfully moderated by Violetta Loziuk, provided valuable insights and set the stage for future endeavours. LCCI is actively planning the next networking event, scheduled for the end of June, with further details to be announced shortly.

LCCI remains committed to supporting the Ukrainian business community in London and creating opportunities for collaboration and growth. James Watkins noted, "Small and micro businesses are vital to a thriving economy, and our responsibility is to provide effective and precise support to entrepreneurs in need."

Please visit LCCI’s Ukraine Support Hub to learn more.