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We Move Summit

On Friday 2 – Sunday 4 September 2022, LCCI took part in ‘We Move’ - a race equality and migrants rights summit, hosted by Runnymede Trust.

The summit explored how we harness opportunities for positive change, address threats and maintain the recent momentum for racial equality.

As the only business representative organisation at the We Move Summit, LCCI played a key role at the conference. With the Runnymede Trust being the UK’s leading race equality think tank, the summit debated social justice issues. LCCI’s Parliamentary and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Esenam Agubretu and LCCI’s Senior Sector Account Manager, Menelik Shillingford spoke to delegates, who were gathered in Leeds, of the LCCI’s report, ‘Ethnic Diversity in Business: Removing barriers impeding business success’, click here to read. (link to the report)

Working with LCCI’s Asian Business Association and Black Business Association, LCCI is campaigning for the recommendations contained in this report to be implemented by Government, the Greater London Authority, local authorities, public agencies and other key institutions.