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Women in Business Development Programme

About the programme

LCCI is piloting practical business programme designed to support female entrepreneurs to feel:

  • Grown in confidence and stature, inspired by the stories and lived experiences of others. 
  • Equipped with tools and techniques to maximise their impact.
  • Supported by a strong, active network of peers, role models, and mentors.

The Women in Business Development Programme been developed by LCCI’s Women in Business Group and will be delivered over four in-person sessions, one day a month. The programme will give women practical business support, access to resources, mentoring and networking opportunities. 

Thinking behind the programme

Worldwide, only one out of three businesses are owned by women. Investing in female-led businesses is important for economic growth, gender equality, and social development.

In 2024, the following statistics on women in business in the UK were recorded:

  • On average, a female-founded business receives £763,000 in funding compared to £4.7 million for a male-owned company.
  • £250 billion could be added to the UK economy if women matched men in receiving business investment.
  • The average loan approved for women-led businesses is £174,000, around a third of the average of £507,000 approved for businesses led by men.
  • 1 in 3 female business owners (33%) cite feelings of low self-confidence as a challenge. 
  • According to research, not being taken seriously as a business owner is one of the three top issues faced by female entrepreneurs.

LCCI has created this pilot programme in direct response to the many challenges female entrepreneurs and business leaders face on a daily basis. The dynamic programme leverages LCCI’s unique asset representing London’s largest independent business community and its strong member network to facilitate peer to peer learning through women sharing their lived experiences to support others on their entrepreneurial journey, to be inspired, gain key insights and tools, and to build business networks that can support their business to thrive. 

Programme features:

  • Essential business support providing critical tools across all aspects of business, from leadership to negotiations, personal branding, and marketing.
  • Practical, interactive sessions, with learning through lived experiences of other business leaders
  • Peer to peer support through a network of women entrepreneurs.
  • Held at LCCI headquarters in the City of London.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the programme, delegates will:

  • Be able to master effective presentations and have more confidence to inspire trust among stakeholders.
  • Have practical tips for overcoming imposter syndrome, building self-assurance, and maintaining a strong entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Have tips for juggling work-life balance, managing mental health, parenthood, personal and professional well-being.
  • Have time management tricks and productivity tools for resilience and crisis handling.
  • Understand essential business components such as finance, legalities, HR, marketing, and sales, viewed through the lens of a female founder.
  • Discover tips for building strong and sustainable relationships with stakeholders.
  • Learn advanced strategies for pitching, negotiating, and sustainable financial growth.
  • Develop a proactive network for business opportunities, collaboration, and career growth, including in international environments.
  • Understand ESG principles and aligning operations with ethical, environmental, and social values for long-term sustainability.

Programme outline 

Module 1 – Business Strategy 
  • Navigating male dominated spaces  
  • Exploration of foundational business principles    
Module 2 – Strategic Business Development 
  • How to secure funding 
  • Strategic branding and relationship building 
Module 3 – Maximising Your Reach Sustainably 
  • Strategic networking maximisation in the UK and international environments
  • Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) 
Module 4 – Mastering Self and Business Dynamics
  • Managing self-perception, impactful presentation, and work-life balance
  • Identify and articulate business strengths, navigating growth and pivoting, and relating with others

Entry criteria

Open to female business leaders who:

  • Have founded a business that has been trading for 18+ months.
  • Can commit to in-person attendance for the entire duration of the programme in-person at LCCI offices in Bank, City of London.
  • Are members of LCCI 

Post-programme benefits:

  • LCCI certificate upon graduation
  • Feedback sessions
  • Access to LCCI Women in Business Events Programme
  • Alumni of the programme unite with fellow women entrepreneurs, forming a community that offers continuous access to support and resources through peer to peer support groups and the dedicated Women in Business group on the LCCI Community App.

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Upon completion of the programme, all participants will receive a Level 4 certificate from LCCI, accredited by OCN London. Programme participants can display their non-expiring digital badge by downloading and sharing it via social media platforms.

Options for organisations

If you would like to collaborate or sponsor subsequent programmes, please get in touch. 

Contact Us

The pilot of this programme begins Wednesday 10 July 2024, and will continue over four months. Applications for our 2024 programme are now closed. If you are interested in finding out more about the programme and future developments, please contact us by emailing jreijnaars@londonchamber.co.uk or calling +44 (0)20 7203 1810

This is an initiative of the Women in Business Advisory group at LCCI. 

About LCCI's Women in Business Group

LCCI's Women in Business group aims to grow the representation of women in under-represented sectors and promote inclusivity as a marketplace and financial advantage. With the help of our Programme Partner Landmark Space, the group seeks to champion issues that need to be addressed for women by key stakeholders and the management of organisations. 

Programme Partners
Landmark Space

Landmark Space