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LCCI urge ministers to help victims of war in Ukraine

Tuesday 11 October 2022

LCCI has decided to do all that it can to support Ukraine at this traumatic time including helping Ukrainian refugees who are now in London. This work has led the Chamber to hold discussions with the Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Ivanovych Sadovyi . As a consequence, LCCI calls on the Government on behalf of Lviv City Council to support medical work for victims in Ukraine.

With victims with life changing injuries being forced to leave their homes in the south and east of the country, many of these people are now being moved to Lviv in the west of the country. In response, Lviv City Council is establishing a National Rehabilitation Centre to provide medical attention for the thousands of people needing help. However, LCCI believes the Government help ensure these facilities gets off the ground with the use of specialist disaster relief and medical help from the UK.

Specifically, the letter calls for:

  • Medical and logistical support to be provided by NHS to the National Rehabilitation Centre, established by the Mayor of Lviv to house physically and mentally injured soldiers and citizens in the safer west of the country
  • The UK Government to assist in providing medically appropriate housing for the 120,000+ refugees that have fled to Lviv
  • For relevant Government authorities to contact the Mayor of Lviv’s offices and discuss the medical and logistical help that the UK can provide to the people of the city

You can read the letter to Dr. Therese Coffey MP, and the letter to Vicky Ford MP.

LCCI Chief Executive, Richard Burge, said:

“We cannot stand by whilst the horrors of Putin’s aggression play out on our TV screens. That is why the London Chamber of Commerce is doing what it can to help Ukraine during this crisis. We support the strong stance of our Prime Minister to back the Ukrainian people. We propose that Ministers now work with the Mayor and council of Lviv so that the thousands of people injured in this war get the much needed help that they sorely need”.