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Lord Hammond says the British economy needs to be a primary focus going forward

Thursday 26 October 2023

Lord Philip Hammond, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, joined the City of London Chamber (CoL) on 17 October at the Guildhall for an open discussion on the future of the financial sector in the United Kingdom.

The breakfast was kindly organised by Alderman Prem Goyal, founding chair of CoL Chamber and took place in the private dining room of the Guildhall. The turnout was impressive with the audience including prominent political figures such as the City of London Corporation Policy Chairman Chris Hayward.

Lord Hammond spoke about the part that the financial sector should play in the British economy going forward, stressing that the keyword for it needs to be “growth”.

“If Britain is to prosper, if the North of England is to prosper, it is essential to cement the position of the engine that is the financial sector driving the British economy and global economy”, he stated.
Lord Hammond added that as “the world is changing, it’s not the capital that flows in the European countries that Britain needs to be mindful of, but rather the capital that flows into Asia”, highlighting the need to look at international markets outside of the former ones.

A stimulating Q&A session began which saw many of the guests posing questions to Lord Hammond.


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