LCCI response to proposals to expand ULEZ

Next year, the Mayor of London will begin implementing an Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in the capital – as part of a package of measures to help tackle London's air pollution.

Cars, vans and motorbikes which do not meet the prescribed standards for ULEZ will be subject to a £12.50 charge per day if they travel within the zone.

ULEZ matters to businesses across London, particularly SMEs. This month, we have responded to TfL’s consultation on expanding ULEZ across London to the North and South Circular Roads.

LCCI does not oppose the introduction of the ULEZ. However, haulage firms across London are faced with a difficult choice over the next three years. Proposals to bring ULEZ forward a year earlier than planned, expand the ULEZ to HGVs entering the whole of Greater London in 2020 and vans within the North and South Circulars in 2021, will impact the livelihoods of businesses, and particularly SMEs, across the capital.

We strongly believe that proposals for a ULEZ must strike the right balance between delivering significant improvements to air quality whilst allowing businesses - particularly SMEs - to adapt to changes.

We also think the costs of implementing ULEZ needs to be considered. ULEZ is, after all, an infrastructure project and the costs and benefit associated with it must undergo the same level of scrutiny as any other project TfL is currently considering

Proposals for a ULEZ underline the need to balance public health concerns with the needs of London’s businesses who deliver goods and people across the capital. We have previously called for a new Freight Commissioner to lead on policies such as ULEZ and plans such as the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. In time, we believe stronger leadership in these areas will ultimately deliver a world-class transport ecosystem that supports a healthier, cleaner city.

Read our full submission here.