London cannot be continually brought to a standstill

Wednesday 5th August 2015


London cannot be continually brought to a standstill

Commenting on the strike announced for August across London Underground, Sean McKee, Director of Policy at London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) said: "Strikes affecting London's transport system paralyse businesses, particularly smaller firms, where every staff member counts, so it is disappointing to see another planned for this week, as this will only result in more disruption for firms and their employees.

"While it is very difficult to make any accurate predictions of the financial impact of strike action, we have had reports from members that the last tube strike had a significant impact on their business. Firms in the service industry reported significant loss of trade, particularly large corporate bookings at hotels and event spaces cancelled.

"London's evening and night-time economy plays a critical part in the success of the city. The advent of the 24-hour tube network will help to bolster this part of London's economy and we look forward to seeing it implemented.

"Our research has found that more and more workers are moving further away from the main centres of employment in the capital due to the short supply and soaring costs of housing closer in. Extending services to run 24-hours a day on these key lines will help employees who service the night-time economy get to and from work, making later working a more viable option for many.

"Enough is enough, London needs a working transport system to thrive. The tube network is critical economic infrastructure and so Government needs to look at how to minimise future potential for strike action. In the meantime, the unions need to put this pay deal to their members and end this needless strike. As a major world city, London cannot continually be brought to a standstill."


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  1. London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the capital's largest and most representative business organisation, with members ranging in size from multi-national companies to SMEs and sole traders.
  2. Sean McKee is available for further comment and interview.