Panel of new London Chamber of Arbitration is announced

Wednesday 5 July 2017

Panel of new London Chamber of Arbitration is announced

The new arbitration service launched by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has today launched its panel consisting of 19 members.

The London Chamber of Arbitration was first launched in May to offer members of LCCI and other businesses an in-house service rather than acting as a referral point. 

The members of the panel of the London Chamber of Arbitration drawn from the ranks of former members of the Judiciary and current senior practitioners are:

Sir Richard Aikens 

Honourable Michael Beloff QC

Sir Jeremy Cooke 

Roderick Cordara QC

Sir Peter Cresswell

Paul Darling QC 

Lord Dyson 

Sir Anthony Edwards-Stuart 

Ian Glick QC

Robert Griffiths QC (President of the London Chamber of Arbitration) 

Hilary Heilbron QC

The Honourable Dyson Heydon AC QC 

Sir Maurice Kay

Sir Martin Moore-Bick

Timothy Otty QC

Nigel Pleming QC

Mr Laurence Rabinowitz QC

Peter Rees QC

David Scorey QC

Sir Stephen Tomlinson

President of the London Chamber of Arbitration, Robert Griffiths QC said: "This is an impressive panel embodying a great deal of experience and we are confident of offering an excellent service for all businesses, including current members of LCCI."

The London Chamber of Arbitration resurrects a historical role for the LCCI as it traditionally played a major role in the provision of arbitration facilities for its members and those who had inserted appropriate arbitration clauses in their contracts. 

However, in the recent past the practice has been to refer disputes to other arbitration bodies.

The London Chamber of Arbitration can also provide mediation and alternative dispute resolution services on request. 


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1.     LCCI is the capital's most representative business organisation, with members ranging in size from multi-national companies to SMEs and sole traders.
2.     Unless otherwise agreed by the parties the seat of the arbitration will be in London and will be heard at Central Court, 25 Southampton Buildings, London WC2A 1AL. 
3.      The arbitrations will be determined in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the London Chamber of Arbitration which can be obtained from the Interim Registrar