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The EU remains our nearest and biggest market.

The UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement is now the framework within which we will do business together. To help you navigate the new rules and maximise opportunities, LCCI have several services in place to support businesses trade with the EU. If you are an LCCI member and need specific EU trade advice, please complete the contact form below and the team will be in touch.

How LCCI can help you trade in the EU

Export Documentation

International trade documents for exports and imports are now even more important as the UK operates an independent trade policy. As the largest issuer of export documents in the UK, we have the experience and knowledge to help. LCCI members can benefit from discounted rates on Certificates of Origin and ATA Carnets – passports for goods going to trade fairs, or professional equipment and samples.


Customs Declarations

Customs declarations are legally-required forms which are used to accompany goods that are entering or leaving a market. All exports and imports must be recorded in the form and data transferred to HMRC. Our Customs Declaration team has a wealth of experience, and can support your business in this process and lodge customs entries on your behalf – by sea, air, or road, from or to any UK port.


Advice and Support

LCCI members and Community Network participants can access free advice on immigration, trade in goods and services and supply chains via our ‘Ask the Expert’ service. Direct your questions to our Member Experts to get the guidance your business needs.  


Topical Webinars

Watch our past EU Trade webinars to help you navigate the new rules and maximise opportunities. LCCI are running a series of webinars to support businesses trade with the EU.

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To learn more about the customs regulations in the European Union member states, please click the links below:

Information and Resources

Business Travel

Before travelling to the EU, you should check the validity of your passport, ensure you have the necessary travel insurance, check you have the right driving documentation, and check your mobile provider’s roaming policies.

There may be additional requirements in the EU country you are visiting, such as entry documentation and qualifications recognition. You should check official guidance for travel and undertaking work in the EU, to find out more.


Trading in Services

If you provide services or invest in the EU, you should check the regulations of each country in which you’re doing business to ensure you are compliant in areas such as licencing, professional qualifications and VAT.

Specific guidance is available for auditing and legal services.

The EU-UK Trade Agreement includes a bridging mechanism for the continued free flow of personal data until adequacy decisions come into force. In the meantime, it is advisable to put in place alternative transfer mechanisms, such as Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs). Find out more.

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