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Origins of the Black Business Association (BBA)

On 25 May 2020 the world witnessed the horrific murder of George Floyd. Many organisations responded with generic statements and BLM banners.

LCCI’s CEO looked towards staff to suggest how the Chamber should respond? Luckily, I was one of them. Tired of empty gestures, I suggested we start a movement with tangible results for the Black Business community. It was on that day the Black Business Association was born.

Our CEO then reached out Lord Michael Hastings of Scarsbrick CBE, who had a lifetime of championing the cause, to be named the Founding Chair. Lord Hastings in turn introduced LCCI to a cohort of inspiring Black business people, who formed the BBA Committee.

With clear aims to address the lack of access to capital; to bring together a strong cohort of business leaders in growth industries; to address the lack of diversity in supply chain contracts; and to grow the BBA network, the path had been set. We are here to stay, and we encourage you to walk this path with us.

Menelik Shillingford​, BBA Account Manager