European Commission travel proposals could benefit London and UK recovery

The Central London Alliance, of which London Chamber of Commerce and Industry is part, has today urged the UK government to explore the adoption of the EU’s coronavirus digital green certificate scheme, and the benefits it could bring to London and the UK's economic recovery from COVID-19.

The Digital Green Certificate will be a proof that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or recovered from COVID-19.

It will be available, free of charge, in digital or paper format. It will include a QR code to ensure security and authenticity of the certificate. The Commission will build a gateway to ensure all certificates can be verified across the EU, and support Member States in the technical implementation of certificates.  The certificate would be issued to EU citizens and their family members, regardless of their nationality. It should also be issued to non-EU nationals who reside in the EU and to visitors who have the right to travel to other Member States.

Richard Burge, on behalf of the Central London Alliance, said: “The ability to travel internationally with confidence will be absolutely vital to London’s economic recovery, and therefore the economic recovery of the UK.

"The EU's proposals for a coronavirus digital green certificate sound a sensible way to safely get the continent’s travel, tourism, and trade industries moving once more.

"The Central London Alliance urge the UK government to explore the adoption of this Europe-wide scheme – to provide consistency of approach and confidence to travellers across Europe.”

The Central London Alliance is a collection of London businesses large and small, communities, charities, associations and authorities who are pooling their resources and considerable influence to push for a faster and more sustainable recovery of the capital city.  It includes London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Heart of London Business Alliance and Integrity International Group.