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LCCI react to new Covid19 restrictions

Tuesday 22 September 2020

Reacting to increased Covid-19 restrictions, announced in the House of Commons today by the Prime Minister, Richard Burge London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive said:

“Because we have been presented with no specific evidence regarding this risk, many London businesses remain unclear as to why their Covid-secure workplace is now considered to be less safe.  Or why allowing flexible commuting on a network that currently has space is an increased risk. 

"Many businesses will feel their economic recovery continues to require a certain safe percentage of their staff in the office on any given day.  Equally many hospitality businesses will remain unclear what difference a 10pm closure makes, other than being detrimental to their business.

“Of course, public health must come first, but we need to be driven by published and explained evidence, not fear or untargeted measures.  And we also need to keep in mind the balance of trying to manage one health crisis but causing another via economic ruin.

“So if the government is saying these economic restrictions could last six months, then they need to be prepared to support businesses suffering the consequences during that time period.  We need to see details of what the next economic support package now is.

“And business also rightly expects the Government to rectify the Test and Trace mess.  We don’t need a world beating system, we simply need one that works.”