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LCCI responds to the Prime Minister's intervention into London housebuilding

Thursday 27 July 2023

A statement from Richard Burge, Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) in response to Rishi Sunak’s criticism of Sadiq Khan and the announcement of a new review of the London Plan to help build tens of thousands of new homes in the capital.

Richard Burge, Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) said:

“Business confidence and expectations have just started to pick up and London is looking forward to a profitable 2024 despite the economic burdens. Rail strikes, skills shortages, high inflation, supply chain pressures have suppressed prosperity and growth. Taking away crucial industrial land which would create jobs and boost the attractiveness of London boroughs could shatter the ambition, resilience, and determination of the London business community- a move that comes at the least appropriate time.

“The London business community fully supports the well-being of Londoners by ensuring they are able to support families under a solid roof at affordable prices. However, not having a solid business economy would ultimately affect the growth and prosperity of the same families. Industrial and employment use land, which is so vital to powering the capitals prosperity, cannot be sacrificed haphazardly.

“London Chamber members have been echoing these concerns. Existing lack of available logistics land has put pressure on businesses to move further out of London which can exacerbate already high levels of pollution and congestion on London’s roads.

“A review of the London Plan is definitely needed but not to strip businesses off their office premises, leaving many out of workforce. Instead, the Central Government and the Mayor of London should come together to balance sustainability and development needs- in a way where there is land for both the businesses and the people who both live and work here.

“Its time for Rishi Sunak and Sadiq Khan to get around the table. London contributes over 20% of Britain’s GDP. The needs of London should not be seen to be the victim of party politics.”

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