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London Chamber statement on the ULEZ High Court decision

Friday 28 July 2023

Richard Burge, Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) said:

“London Chamber respects the High Court's ruling to allow the ULEZ expansion to outer London. A green and global city like London cannot thrive in poor air quality. We have always supported initiatives that boost trade and tourism in London while recognising the need to remain sustainable.

“In the light of this latest decision, we will work closely with the Mayor of London to ensure an effective ULEZ expansion whilst ensuring businesses continue to remain efficient and profitable.

“That is why we ask for a grace period for all Londoners who have ordered ULEZ compliant vehicles. Delivery of these cars could be delayed past 29 August 2023 due to supply chain difficulties. We also need a further push to roll out electric vehicle (EV) charging points across outer London for cars and commercial vehicles.

“Our survey has found that 33% of businesses are worried about ULEZ expansion having a negative impact on their employees. London’s workers deserve the same consideration as London’s businesses and for this grace period to apply to them as well so that every Londoner can work together to improve air quality across our capital.

“London businesses, just like the Mayor, are devoted to reducing the environmental impact of their operations but not at the cost of growing economic plight."

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