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London Chamber of Commerce and IndustryLondon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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Export Documents Update

Updated on Monday 12 April 2021

Following the lockdown measures introduced by the government, LCCI is maintaining its contingency documentation service as follows:

1. Counter Service Opening Hours:

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry HQ Office
33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP
Open: Monday – Friday, 10.00am – 4.00pm

Cut-off time for document processing:
C/Os - 3.45pm
Carnets regular - 3.45pm
Carnet express - 3.00pm
Other - 3.45pm

Contact Details:
C/Os: T:+44 (0)20 7203 1850/ 1886/ 1853 or email
Carnets: T:+44 (0)20 7203 1843/ 1846/ 1847 or email

Barking Branch Office
12 Town Quay Wharf, Abbey Road, Barking, Essex IG11 7BZ
Open: Monday – Thursday, 10.00am - 12.30pm and 1.30pm - 4.00pm

Cut-off time for document processing:
Times vary - please contact Barking Branch Office on +44 (0)20 7556 2397

Hounslow Branch Office
Unit 20 Bellview Court, 183 Hanworth Road, Hounslow TW3 3TQ
Open: Tuesday – Friday, 10.00am - 12.30pm and 1.30pm - 4.00pm

Cut-off time for document processing:
Times vary - please contact Hounslow Branch Office on +44 (0)20 7556 2396

*Any applications received outside of the working hours or weekends will be counted as having been submitted on the next working day

2. UK Certificates of Origin and UK EUR1 movement certificates

The quickest way to obtain these documents is online.

We are operating both the DIY and Chamber Printed service. Any certificates printed by us will be posted out by 1st class post – please ensure that the correct posting address is stated in the special comments box. For the sake of expediency and simplicity, we would strongly advise that applicants use the DIY method wherever possible. The system will allow you to select a DIY service for those countries that accept electronic stamps and signatures. Email edocuments@londonchamber.co.uk to obtain supply of blank Certificates.

3. Certificates of Origin for Arab League countries

Please refer to the Arab Embassy Matrix for information on various embassies.

All embassies are currently open, however, operating a revised service. Customers will need to submit applications to the City office either online, over the counter or via post - please ensure that you enclose three photocopies of each original document that needs certifying before sending to us (photocopies are not required for COs).

Please email edocuments@londonchamber.co.uk for a quote and further information.

4. Situation with Egyptian Consulate, other Consulates and the Foreign Office

FCO is currently open and running a normal service. The Egyptian consulate and Egyptian Chamber are running a reduced service (twice a week) – documents requiring Egyptian legalisation can be submitted to our City office online, over the counter or via post.

Email edocuments@londonchamber.co.uk for a quote or if you require legalisation by any other non-Arab embassy.

5. EURs

Applications for EUR1 Certificates must be made online. Some countries will require original signatures on the Certificates, in which case the system will provide instructions on how to proceed. Customers are reminded that A.TR or EUR Certificates are no longer be applicable for shipments to Turkey - the situation changed on 01 January 2021. Exporters should now self-certify the origin for originating goods being shipped to Turkey using an invoice declaration method, provided they have an EORI number. The same applies to originating goods being shipped to European Union.

6. Force majeure and special certificates

Our webpage contains information on how to apply for these documents here.

7. ATA Carnets and Carnets for Taiwan

Carnets have been and still are heavily affected by cancellation of events and passenger flights worldwide. There have been seen signs that certain markets could be on the rebound – especially in Asia. We are still issuing Carnets in the normal way using our eCarnet online application.

Documents will be posted out once issued as the offices are closed to public.

Returning Carnets – Carnets can still be posted to our head office as usual. However we may not be able to discharge them until the office reopens. We strongly advise that you keep photocopies or scanned copies of any pages within the Carnet that were endorsed by Customs.

Carnets stuck abroad – if your goods are currently abroad and unable to move the likelihood is that the host Customs will extend the period of temporary importation until flights and shipments resume. For Carnets that are about to expire, you should apply for a Replacement (extension) Carnet thru our online eCarnet system (note that Japan and USA do not allow replacements – for these countries gather any evidence that proves that your flights were cancelled and ensure that the Carnet is stamped out of those countries and back into the UK even if the document has expired). Replacement Carnets must be validated by the National Carnet Unit. Further information for Carnets.

LCCI would like to reassure customers that it is our aim to maintain our provision of UK export documentation services to all our customers during these difficult times. We will also be there for you when everything returns to normality and volumes increase.