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As London's prime business advocacy organsation, we seek to promote and enhance the interest of our members. We regularly respond to consultations and calls for evidence by national and local government and government agencies.

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  • Response to Migration Advisory Committee Call for Evidence: The Economic and Social Impact of the UK’s Exit from the EU

    October 2017

    London is three times more reliant on foreign workers than the rest of the UK. The damage caused by losing these individuals would be felt particularly in London, which remains the engine of the wider UK economy.  It is clear that the departure of EU nationals in particular from the London workforce would be economically harmful, impacting upon various key industries, and putting pressure on public funds.

  • LCCI Response to Mayor’s Transport Strategy

    October 2017

    The capital is forecast to reach ‘megacity’ status by 2030 with over ten million citizens, placing London’s infrastructure – particularly its transport networks - under considerable pressure.  investment in infrastructure and a long-term outlook on future need is critical to ensuring that the capital can continue to function, grow and thrive as a megacity of the future.

  • Submission for HMT Budget 2017

    September 2017

    London is a dynamic, global city. Its competitiveness is, however, at risk as London’s population continues to rise, placing ever greater burdens on its housing supply and transport networks. Positive measures to tackle these issues would send a strong signal to businesses that government is lock-step behind them in its desire to deliver a sustainable competitive business environment.

  • LCCI Response to The Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard Call for Evidence

    August 2017

    Workplace standards have improved significantly over the last few decades, with major strides taken to make workplaces fairer and more inclusive, to the benefit of both employees and employers. London’s businesses have a clear economic interest in making the city an attractive place to work and live.

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